Monday, May 31, 2010

leather jackets and classic rock.

this weekend was pretty much amazing.
friday was my friend aaron's birthday party...
here we are both in leather jackets, which we thought was pretty cool.
we're pretty much in a gang.

our  friend woni  also showed up in a leather jacket. :]
we're pretty dang hardcore.

the other highlight of my weekend was a date with my mama.
we went to see styx, foreigner and kansas play live down in tooele.

it was so much fun!! my mom is so great.
and look at her...she's absolutely beautiful too!
how did i get so lucky?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

i love whysound.

it was another wonderful night in logan two nights ago
and we got to see sons o'valley [a local, awesome band] play with
kid theodore, my cousin's band.
i not only got to spend the night with good music and good friends
but got to see my cousin gardner for the first time in several months!
such fun.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


am i the only one disappointed by the series finale on sunday?
i was pissed!!
where were some answers? i still don't even know what happened. 
and i'm too angry to try and watch it again.
i suppose i'll have to find a new tv show to get into.. as of late i've been obsessed with how i met your mother, 30 rock, and house, of course.
i suppose i'll just have to wait for the movie to find out some answers about lost..
even though i vowed i would not watch it since i was so ticked about the finale.
but...i still want answers. so i'll probably go see it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ben kenney.

the bassist for incubus [ben kenney]
is one of my favorite musicians, and has been for years.
his solo stuff is pretty much amazing.
and as of lately he manages to explain my life in a nutshell.

a grudge is not a grudge when it's a promise to myself
i hope you recognize before there's someone else
who might not ever let you know
when people come up to me and wanna talk about you
they say "forgive and forget"
it's just so easy to say and all the same walk away without a trace of regret
but they don't know about the messages you left
i think if everyone knew about the things that you do
they'd lose a lot of respect.

check him out, because he's awesome.
and good to listen to when trying to get over dumb boys.
[liars, cheaters, manipulators..the whole lot of them].
no bueno.
i'd rather stay single, thanks.

Friday, May 21, 2010

oh summer, i have missed you.

it's only been the first couple weeks of summer, and it's already been amazing.
summer adventures so far:

-water fights
-jumping on trampolines
-morning hikes
-rock climbing

-summer music [the sounds, fleet foxes, muse, lcd sound system, the presets, etc]
-bike rides
-NAPS [lots of naps!]

here's our latest addition to our new home.
a hammock??! yes please.
i love the summertime...

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i know i have previously mentioned this..
but summer concerts are something of a weakness of mine.
and luckily, there are so many free concerts this summer through the twilight concert series. i am absolutely, beyond stoked to see these amazing bands/musicians live this summer:

modest mouse
girl talk
she & him
i'm also pretty dang stoked to be going to hopefully two amazing concerts with my sweet mama! the end of the month we're seeing STYX, FOREIGNER, AND KANSAS. and later this summer we may have the awesome opportunity of seeing the one and only:
sir paul mccartney.

i can't even wait!! and am still in shock that a beatle is finally coming to good old utah.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

summer to-do's.

1. pilates in the yard.
2. learn some new homemade recipes.
3. hike crimson trail [and finish it, for once].
4. meet new people.
5. longboard.
6. CONCERTS... beirut, modest mouse, she & him, matisyahuand girl talk at the very least.
7. read lots of books.
8. sleep under the stars... at least once a week.
9. eat lots of slurpees.
10. bear lake.
11. learn to golf..seeing how i work at a golf course.
12. a vespa?

zion's national park.

this last week hannah and i drove down to zion's
to hang out with our favorite ryan one last time.
he is off to be a graduated big kid, while we are stuck in logan.
kind of a bummer. however, it was still a fun trip despite the fact we had to say goodbye.

we found a frog within about 10 mins of arriving at our campsite the first  night.

the first are our morning faces.

and ryan's morning face.

then we got ready to go hike angel's landing.
one of the hardest hikes everrr!!
it's pretty intense.

on the shuttle

resting on the way up.

right about here we started to get a bit nervous.
luckily after the hike, hannah's dad told us someone died the week before on this trail.
i am really glad i didn't know that BEFORE hiking this. yikes.

us at the top.

it was a pretty epic start to the summer. bring on the summer adventures.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mother.

is one of the most beautiful women on this planet.
and she does so much for my family and i... without ever expecting anything in return.
i would love to be just like her when i "grow up".
happy mother's day!!
to her as well as the other amazing women in my life.

Monday, May 3, 2010

fare thee well, junior year.

you were good to me.
first day of school.

adventures up the canyon

brad paisley

the pie

general conference

watching the meteor shower.

adventures with nesta.

dressing up with my girllls.

lots of fun parties :]


festival of colors

gentlemen's night


sundays at the dog park

watching the saints win the super bowl.

and so much more.

my best friend taylor.

we kick ass. and i love this kid more than anything.