Friday, July 27, 2012

the daily grind.

here i am with fox 13's ben winslow (aka twitter king, aka utah's favorite journalist) right before the 9 o'clock newscast. also, i owe this guy my career.
it may not seem like much of a career yet, but i got my foot in the door thanks to this guy.
it's a dang good thing i know how to make a good cup o' coffee.

everyone at the station was super excited to have me back this week. i'm very excited to be back as well, but still, the warm welcome was all i needed to know i'd made the RIGHT decision. that, & not hearing "I WANT A MOCHA COOKE CRUMBLE FRAPPUCINO" 18 times a day.

anyway, i'm getting used to my new "daily grind." this job is a lot more stressful, but it's good stress...eustress, i guess it's called. i am doing what i love, & i couldn't be more excited! i have been doing this for over a year, but the full-time hours & lovely raise are truly a blessing.
hope everyone has a lovely weekend! i'm throwing a bridal shower for my little sister this weekend, working my last day at starbucks, & writin' lots of newsy-news.

the only downside to this job is that i STILL have no idea what a "weekend" is really like. also, i still work at criddle's cafe (the scones & good tip money are too good to turn down). sigh. someday i'll be back to only having one job...someday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

seattle, part 3!

on top of the space needle.

finally at the chelsea game! (for those who don't know, that's the whole reason we went! chelsea beat the sounders 4-2, so all in all it made the trip a great success!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

back to real life.

ally & i sitting outside enjoying the utah weather.
did i mention i hate utah weather, officially? it is far too hot, especially for someone who fries in the sun.

either way, it has been hard to get back to real life. wish me luck, cuz i need a LOT of motivation to finish working at starbucks, finish freelancing at fox, & still work at criddle's, all at the same time.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seattle, Part One

holy crap i love the emerald city.
& i have never been more sad to come home from a vacation, ever! be prepared for a lot of photo posts, guys. i took entirely too many while i was there.
watching the sunset our last night there (& eating ice cream.)
i tried crab legs for the first time! loved it.
at the chelsea vs seattle game.
luke took this pic RIGHT as i was about to divulge in a big old bowl of clam chowder. super attractive.
the library.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

july has lots of good birthdays.

as of today i am ON VACATION.... officially on my way to seattle for a few days.
so excited to eat lots of sea food, try lots of local brew, stay in an old hotel & spend lots of time with my favorite boy.
however i wanted to give a shout out to three of my family members whom i happen to absolutely adore!! they all share july for their birthday month; first my papa on july 15.. rachel turns 15 (!) TODAY!!!, and my "cutest oldest" nephew turns 6 on july 27th. i bought him a pretty AWESOME birthday present. so sad i have to mail it all the way to texas. happy birthday you three!

Monday, July 16, 2012

ogden valley garden tour

my dad & little sister both have birthdays this week, so to celebrate i took them to the OGDEN VALLEY GARDEN FAIR this past saturday. all of us share a love of gardening & wandering around looking at awesome gardens near pine view was so fun, especially for my dad. i apologize in advance if any of you have to help out with his next "big project" after the stuff he saw here ;)
pool overlooking pine view.

entrance to the herb garden.

one of the best front doors i've ever seen!

who can guess what life-size board game this is?

my favorite stop on the tour.

ray & the koi pond.

Friday, July 13, 2012

the best news.

it is with a (not so) heavy heart that i put in my TWO WEEKS NOTICE at starbucks yesterday.
i've been a barista on & off since i was 16, & it was starting to get kind of old. i have loved many of the people i've come to know in my 2 years at starbucks, and the 2 years i worked at barnes & noble. but i realized the other day (or a few months ago) that i can't really do it anymore. it's become too frustrating, aggravating, annoying, & otherwise bothersome. my anxiety is so much worse every time i am there. a typical conversation with our "lovely" customers in the drive-thru usually goes as such:

ME: "thanks for choosing your south ogden starbucks, my name is lauren, how are you today?"
ME: "okay, what size will that be?"
ME: "okay, but what size is your drink?"
CUSTOMER: "i don't know, regular."
ME: *cursing in my head* "we have a small, medium, or large size. which size would you like."
CUSTOMER: "no whip cream, okay?"
ME: "okay, lattes don't come with whip. did you decide what size you want?"
CUSTOMER: "regular."
ME: "....okay. anything else?"
*customer pulls through before i can say anything else*

needless to say, i've never doubted the human race more than when I work at starbucks. selfish, horrible, rude, undoubtedly too-rich-for-their-own-good people bark commands at me and roll their eyes at me like i'm an idiot. i realized last week that it was more than due time to put my notice in when i found out my very own store manager has many words to say behind my back...mostly talking crap to anyone who will listen about how i have another job (because, you know, how rude of me to not live off of 8.50 an hour....)

i realized how over starbucks i am when i was talking to an older man while making drinks last week.
HIM: "now make sure that's a dry cappuccino. i'll tell you when to stop making foam. none of you know how to do it right."
ME: *because he seems to know better than me* "Okay, sir. no problem. How are you today?"
HIM: "i'm good. just make my drink."
ME: probably rolled my eyes...just a little bit.
HIM: "The problem with your generation is none of them know the value of hard work. none of you understand what it's like to be on your own - that's good, no more foam, please - all of you have mommy's and daddy's who never spanked you & pay for everything so you can do as you please."
ME: *pouring his drink* "i'm sorry sir, a lot of people my age are that way."
HIM: "Don't apologize, you can't help the way you are. I bet your mom and dad pay for everything you own. I bet your mom and dad think you learn better that way. i bet your mom & dad let you work here part-time, so you feel like they're not helping you."
ME: *fuming, at this point* "Actually, sir, my dad paid for my first year of college but I have been on my own ever since. I have worked at least 2 jobs since I was 20, to not only pay for my bills, but to pay for my college education so I can be something other than a barista for the rest of my life."

HIM: *awkward silence*

So needless to say I am tired of being talked down at. Though that's not the only reason I quit.... 
Fox 13 has offered me a job!!!! After months of on-and-off freelancing, I am finally "in" when it comes to a job that I love!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!
anyways, enough ranting. I felt like I lost 20 pounds when I told my manager I was leaving. I'm going to Seattle next week, but  needless to say I didn't feel like I owed the Starbucks company much, considering certain experiences I won't post on the Interwebz. Regardless, a better future is in store, though I will never forget the GOOD memories I have of Starbucks:

bowling in park city for our store party.

going on a little bullet bike ride, instead of sweeping the lobby.

my coworker josh, always playing funny jokes on us.

wonderful times at the centerville store.

laura getting fake arrested by our cop regular, officer bryson.

laura is pretty much my favorite coworker of all time.

pride with my favorite south ogdenites.

thanks for the good memories, guys. i mostly loved everyone i worked with. but i am so glad to be starting a new chapter!