Saturday, March 2, 2013


we get funny stares when we go to cafe rio.. he gets a giant salad & i stuff my face with a smothered burrito. people can never quite grasp that HE'S getting the salad.

squinty-eyed nesta (this is her 'i'm in heaven' face. she only makes it for luke cuz 
she likes him more than me.) 

...sometimes a hot dog sounds good at 3 in the morning when you're at work.
don't judge me. 

nesta has learned to open the door.
this cat-child... keeps me busy. 

also, everyone! important announcement, yo!
i'm switching over to a new blog: yes, i finally got that notice that i have to "pay" if i want to use more photo space.
eff no.
so here we are:
you can start following my adventures there! i have to do that blog for a class (why does it seem like my whole blogging career has been for school?) so expect to find a lot more writing. that's cool though, right?  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


what's another foot of snow anyway??

i swear utah has never had a winter like this! it makes me wish i was still good at snowboarding so i could actually go take advantage of the fluffy stuff.
still, we're trying to have a positive attitude round these parts.
i can't help but chuckle every time it snows cuz i think of the first time it snowed when luke & i lived together. 
we went outside to see it & i slowly grabbed a handful of snow & packed it up into a huge snowball. i threw it full force, aiming for his legs, so of course i hit him right in the side of the face (my aim is about as good as my math skills).
to this day he still makes fun of me & how evil i was.. it got in his ears & down his shirt.. of course right after hit him i screamed "OH MY I'M SO SORRY!" but then i laughed so of course he didn't believe me.
as if he needed any more proof that i am NOT a sporty person. ;)
he got revenge later when he made us do donuts in my car in a church parking lot.
i screamed then, too.

we're slowly counting down the days until spring.
we usually bring spring in pretty hardcore round these parts, by celebrating this & this. super excited for holi 2013! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my cat is satan.

i sadly took these photos to prove to my coworkers that my cat is an "exception" to the "cats suck" rule.
we'd had a debate all day friday over it... "CATS RULE" "NO THEY DONT THEY'RE GROSS" & I kept trying to convince them that nesta was totally cool.
so on friday night luke & i noticed her being cute, watching us watch tv.
these pics are the result..
& just like that i realized, cats are the devil.


i've had a super bad attitude lately, & i think i may have finally come to terms with WHAT is causing my negativity.
everyone knows how addicting social media can be, especially facebook, & i've realized in the past few months it somewhat consumes my life.
the other day i was walking to school with my nose in my phone, & something someone posted ticked me off, like it tends to happen every day.
i looked up & realized there were blue skies out.. & it was a beautiful day. but i'd hardly realized that because i was so consumed in what was going on online.

so with that i've decided to take a much needed sabbatical from facebook.
i'm sure i'll be back... it's so addicting, you know. but for now i'm just sticking to school, work, sleeping & hanging out with luke.
you can still find me on twitter cuz i have to have it for my job: @laurgardner13
you can also find me on instagram: @laurgardner because i'm still way too addicted to that to give it up.
but i'm hoping the lack of facebook in my life will bring about a more positive attitude.

i have to say so far it's been mostly funny. people think deleting your facebook is some "cry for help" or something. i've gotten several text messages along the lines of: "lauren! your facebook is gone! are you ok?" or "noticed you nixed your facebook. just wanted to check in with you."
i giggled so much! it really is crazy how much social media is used to measure other's behaviors. like, deleting someone off your list is the ultimate middle finger to your relationship.. & corny vague statuses are all you use to describe your life.
giggle, giggle, giggle.

i'll keep you posted on how my much needed "sabbatical" goes.
i do miss photos of my family, so hey family! if you're ever bored, you could always send me some picture messages :) or we can facetime! i am all about that form of technology, especially with my brothers living so far away.