Friday, December 31, 2010

favorite 2010 memories.

i sure hope you're ready for picture overload. 2010 was very good to me in some ways and i want to document all the amazingness that happened...holga style.
i made lots of new friends this year. lost a few, esp some i never thought i'd have to lose. made lots of hard choices. went on lots of road trips. failed my first college class [dangit].  learned to cook 3-5 new dishes. hiked some hikes i never thought i could finish. did a mini triathlon. got a gym pass for the first time ever. worked as a cocktail waitress, a nanny, a housekeeper, a phone surveyer and a barista...yikes. moved 4 times. hugged a stranger. kissed a friend. laughed, loved, and lost and would do it all over again.
2010 had its ups and downs but i don't think i'd do it any differently. here are some of my favorite memories!!

had a "gentlemen's night" at patton's.

celebrated aaron's birthday in leather jackets.
went snowboarding but sadly only went once.
dressed up in superhero costumes with a bunch of friends
for the midnight showing of "kickass"

bugged adam as much as i possibly could. :]
took my sisters on a tour of my college campus.

rode in the back of a truck with ally [and patton and his wheelchair, not pictured]
moved home and got reacquainted with old friends
my super cute nephew turned four!!! holy cow time flies.

the most epic road trip ever to idaho falls in june.
such a freakin'blast.

learned to rock climb!!
i finally picked it up this year and loved it. favorite trips seen here and here. 

kept my friends close.
constantine, emily and i at aaron's in february.
i also rekindled my love of sushi over the summer.

danced randomly in a parking lot with friends in july.
celebrated hanukkah.
roomed with miss emily beth and loved it.
went to the FESTIVAL OF COLORS for the second time.
turned 22!!
enjoyed a father's day barbecue in my aunt's backyard with the sisters.
went and saw lion king the musical in salt lake city.

my friends threw  me a fantastic surprise going away party when i moved home.
ally is beautiful.

enjoyed a several month long "greasy stage", seen here.
enjoyed several lazy afternoons at the 706 house.
got a job at starbucks.

bought a guitar and named her cherry.
first song i learned to play was pink floyd's "wish you were here".
my sweet niece turned one!

danced in a field in the middle of february.
went to snowbasin with my mom and kylie to ride the alpine slide and zipline.

saw styx, kansas, and foreigner with my mom.

"masquerade party"

went on a salt lake city adventure with kyle.

enjoyed every single minute of my  stinky adorable cat.
hung out in my nebraska cornhuskers snuggie with odin.
learned to cook with my roommate emily

played with photobooth at 3 in the morning with adam and ally.

protested karl rove when he came to a book signing in logan in april.
cut 10 inches off my hair.
found a stray pit bull, drove it back to her proper owner's in ogden with ally and aaron.
quite the adventure. i even got peed on.

went snowshoeing lots with great people, including moudi and soren in january and also miss emily.

watched the saints take the super bowl in march.
[ryan isn't grabbing my boob btw. he's pointing at the score. haha.]
went to the annual banff mountain film festival!

discovered i actually hate/get sick on tire swings.

camped out in the living room in april.spent lots of time in the great outdoors.

the EPIC THURSDAYS in the summer of going to the twilight concert series.
saw beirut, modest mouse, matisyahu, she & him, the dodo's, the new pornographers.
other bands i was able to see live this year:
lydia, yeasayer, we were promised jetpacks, peter cetera, styx [see above], circa survive, and trans-siberian orchestra.

went to a "jungle themed" party at the U.

celebrated woni's birthday in january.

went to yellowstone with my cute family in july and saw 3 bears, a bear cub, a bald eagle, and about saw a baby deer get eaten by coyotes.
spent the fourth of july sleeping on the streets of provo.

nannyed one of the cutest boys in logan, zachary!

went on a fantastic road trip to zion's after ryan graduated.

2010 was crazy, that is for sure. i'm very excited for 2011. it's going to be different: different school, different friends, different goals. however i've finally come to a point where i am happy for myself. i'm doing what i want to do, enjoying life with who i want to, and i've finally come to terms with who i am. pretending to be someone i'm not for years and years has proven to be exhausting.
so cheers 2011! here's to many adventures.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

cooking with papa.

one of my favorite parts about christmas break was cooking with my dad.
lately he's been really into the food network, much to the joy of my mom who usually cooks.
so we've been trying out some new dishes over the past couple months, and most of them have been pretty delicious!!
my favorite meal so far we made last week. it was salmon with mango salsa, twice baked potatoes stuffed with cheese, sour cream, and shrimp, and finally a delicious side dish with brussel sprouts...! that sounds like an oxymoron but i promise it was amazing.
we grilled the salmon..
made the salsa from scratch!
the finished product.
i so wish pictures did it justice, because it was delicious.
twice baked potatoes.
the brussel sprouts dish.

it's too bad i'm allergic to pretty much everything in this meal. i was sick for days after...but i'll be honest, it was TOTALLY worth it. and if you aren't extremely lactose intolerant/have IBS, i know you'll enjoy it without any awful consequences.

Monday, December 27, 2010


one of my favorite bands to listen to lately has been junip.
i was already obsessed with their lead singer jose gonzalez after i heard his cover of heartbeats by the knife. turns out he has a ton of amazing music that i love to listen to it on cloudy days. they released their latest album in september and i have been jamming it ever since!
check out my favorite songs here and here.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas!!

i hope everyone's christmas was lovely. i know mine was! i spent the whole day with family, enjoying each other's company.
me and my adorable niece on christmas eve. her dress was so cute!
here were some of my favorite presents:
new headbands, courtesy of urban outfitters.

radiohead - in rainbows on VINYL.
pretty much my favorite board game ever.
and my personal favorite... a new camera!!!!
i've already put it to good use...

it even takes video!! santa spoiled me. :]
he also spoiled nesta, as you can see. it was her second christmas and she got so many cute toys that she loves to play with..and even a cool new litter box!! what a lucky little kitty.

happy holidays.