Sunday, January 30, 2011


i know i have blogged about angus and julia stone before, but i just stumbled across a freakin' fantastic cover by them.
one of my all time favorite movies is grease [john travolta is sooo dreamy in it..ha!] i found out the other day that angus and julia stone cover you're the one that i want. it blew my mind, as they always do. in my opinion they are two of the most talented musicians out right now.
give it a listen!

Friday, January 28, 2011

busy busy bee.

a lovely drawing my coworker krista did of all the starbucks employees!
i thought it was adorable, and very appropriate for this post. i've been so busy these past few days. i have been working at the starbucks in park city for sundance and it's been crazy. [i've been having to wake up at 3 30 to make it to work by 5 30. needless to say i no longer whine about waking up early to go to where i usually work!]
it's been so much fun but i have truly missed all my coworkers at the centerville bucks. it really does not get much better then them!!!
on the plus side, however, i did see a few celebrity faces while i was up there. it was super exciting, and i'm sure i'll go work up there again next year!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

a hard week.

i have definitely been behind on blogging lately [sorry professor tyler....] but this week was one of those weeks. i needed a LOT of time to myself to think, to make decisions, to understand. i think it's safe to say that this week tops one of the hardest weeks of my life. the past few months i've had to go through some things that i wish i didn't have to go through. and despite how hard it has been,and how difficult the events leading up to this week have's good to finally say that i did the right thing.
things that helped me cope this week:

easily one of the greatest songs of all time, i blasted it on repeat for about a day while i came to terms with some things. i can't even describe how much this song has helped me!

2. yoga
i've been going to a free yoga class a couple times a week and it really is ridiculous how much yoga helps. it helps with stress, anxiety, depression, you-name-it. i feel so relaxed and at peace after and it tends to last throughout my whole day.

3. my mama
sometimes all a girl really needs is his mother. no need for further explanation!!

4. tom petty - time to move on
this song is what anyone needs after they've gone through a rough patch. it's always good to remember that eventually it is time to move on. 

the best is yet to come.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i just read about the lineup for coachella this year, and it's safe to say i now know for a FACT that i must go.
bands coming that i am dying to see:

who else is down?!?!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

why i love my dad.

my dad was bored at home the other night (sick..poor guy). i came home from school and he showed me what he did with his afternoon:
i laughed. so. hard.
however i love it, because now that kaysville city finally jumped on the bandwagon and supplied recycling bins..we really do get to go green! that is one thing i missed a lot about logan. free recycling!
basically my dad is hilarious. every so often he does these funny random things that always make me chuckle. my favorite part is where he wrote "hippies do it! so should we." hahah.

Friday, January 21, 2011

black keys and big boi.

one thing most people quickly learn about me is that i hate rap. with a fiery passion.
however, my friend showed me this album of mashups of the black keys and big boi. i've given big boi a listen before and found that i actually kind of liked him.
and it turns out that his awesome style goes together greatly with the black keys! check out the free download here!
i hope everyone's had a lovely day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nanny adventures!

last week i got to watch the family i used to nanny for at my house.
this was very exciting because bryson, the 4-year-old, always asked me if he could come see where i lived sometime. so him and the babies came over for a fun playdate!
we played with zhu zhu pets, and bryson helped me make macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. the kids were an absolute always! i love these kids more than i love anyone!

so cute!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

book club!

i just finished reading the help by kathryn stockett.
i thought it was very appropriate that i finished it today, martin luther king jr day. this whole book screams civil rights in the 60's and it had me absolutely HOOKED. so many people told me i would love this book and they were completely correct! the story is told from the perspectives of 3 different women who work together to write a book about maids working for white families. it is heartbreaking (i cried more than once), hilarious, witty, and entertaining all in one.
now that i'm finished i'm going to start a completely different book:
which apparently has been banned by several places...which makes me even more excited to read it to see what all the fuss is about.
happy reading!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

latest obsessions.

i am constantly going through different phases with music, and this week i've become reacquainted with the blues, or at least some variations of the blues. my work has been playing a lot of these tunes lately and through that i've discovered some new favorites. enjoy...
old crow medicine show
this is a band i've loved for quite some time. but their performance with mumford and sons and other bluegrass bands is absolutely amazing. how i wish i could've been there!!! dangit.

alison krauss
her cover of the awesome christian song i'll fly with gillian welch is beautiful. their harmonies are perfect...and after listening to her other music, especially her songs with robert plant, it's safe to say i wish i was her.

i've also become reobsessed with some older bands/older albums such as...
the helio sequence
their song hallelujah is one of the best i've heard..and a song i had completely forgotten about until a friend posted it on facebook. (i love when that happens!)

their hail to the thief album has become my new favorite (although that is constantly changing...basically i love all their albums). but their songs myxomatosis and there there have been on repeat in my car for a few days now..and i don't think i'll be changing that any time soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

some favorites.

fear is where all hatred begins.

-mason jennings.

Love people, use things. Not the other way around.
-Kelly Ann Rothaus

When men speak ill of thee, live so that no one will believe them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new years resolutions, edition 2.

1. go to the gym 3 times a week.
2. work harder at my job.
3. learn to crochet.
4. when it's warm, go on morning hikes as much as i can.
5. watch more sunrises. and sunsets.
6. do yoga 3 times a week.
7. buy more vinyl!
8. pick up the piano again.
9. take more pictures.

10. save money [better].

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mountain hymns.

i don't blog about local bands very often [if ever] but as of now i have a very very favorite local band, mountain hymns. the band consists of a few friends of mine; sevier, spencer, ryan, kramer and corbin, all of whom are very talented. they released an EP recently that i've had a hard time taking out of my cd player since i got it. my friend casey did this video of them performing their new song "pull me" at their show last weekend in ogden.
they remind me of a mix of fleet foxes and beirut...either way an amazing band that has always impressed me and probably always will!
happy tuesday to you..

ohhh gosh.

i was reading msn this morning and read this article about bill o'reilly interviewing obama on superbowl sunday.
my first instinct was to laugh... because in my humble opinion (and keep in mind it's just my opinion), bill o'reilly is an absolute joke of a journalist. my second thought was, "i wonder if he'll tell obama to shut up?" either way this is an interview i can't wait to watch, as i'm sure o'reilly will make an ass of himself, and all the loyal fox news viewers will gush over what a wonderful and unbiased reporter he is.
good luck, president obama.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

karaoke night!

i went and did karaoke with some of my guyfriends the other night. at first i wasn't sure how i'd feel about it...after all, i am completely tone deaf. but it was WAY fun. we sang the cranberries, journey, garth brooks, michael jackson, etc. i'm pretty sure i know what i'll be doing every thursday for the rest of winter.

me scott and danny.

me zach and ryan waiting for our turn.

me and danny...who was my first kiss in ninth grade. hahah...adorable.


it was a lovely night out on the town..i never seem to have those anymore what with school and work. [did i mention it's kicking my butt? because it totally is.]

Saturday, January 8, 2011

blitzen trapper.

one of the best bands to arise out of portland oregon is blitzen trapper. i didn't get into them until last year, but they've been releasing great albums since 2003, and their most recent album, destroyer of the void, is no exception. while they give off a country vibe, it's rockin' tunes with deep, heartfelt lyrics that everyone can enjoy.
my favorite song, off their 2009 album is black river killer; a song about a man with a "lost soul" who pretty much likes to kill people. and while it seems like a song about a maniac, it's a deeper look into the soul of someone who has committed serious crimes. it's a unique take on a murderer's personal inner struggle; not to mention it's so catchy you'll find yourself humming it time and time again.
some other songs to check out are dragon's song and the tree.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

good news for a change.

i read about this the other day and it was a pleasant change from the usual bad news i read about. wal-mart held a social media contest (and probably one of the first of its kind) where a  "like" on facebook counted as a vote. the city with the most votes (salt lake city!) won a million dollars for the utah food bank to help feed those who are homeless in the city.
i know everyone has their different views of wal-mart, but a donation of a million dollars seems to be a pretty big deal. so congrats to salt lake city!! i'm especially excited about it after i met a homeless person this summer who called himself gigi and picked me flowers.
i sure hope gigi gets a few good meals in courtesy of wal-mart's generous donation!! 
these feel-good stories remind me that our country isn't totally screwed. which is a nice thought after always reading in the paper about violence, natural disasters and death all the time. haha. happy thursday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

quote of the weekweekweek!

i have two quotes this week because i love both of them that much.

"There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors." Jim Morrison
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Monday, January 3, 2011


possibly my favorite gift from the holidays was an itunes gift card from my uncle.
(thank you!)
i spent the card well, and bought the newest stars album.  stars has always been one of my favorite bands thanks to classics like this and this. their latest album is just as amazing to me. it seems to be almost a ghost story, which  makes it even more intriguing and i absolutely love it!!!
i also bought two songs by cold war kids, because i'm obsessed with them as well. music is the best part about life!
hope everyone had lovely holidays.
ps i started school this week. not fun! wish me luck.

mmmm chocolate.

my sister made trifle a couple weeks ago for my youngest sister's birthday.
it's probably one of the GREATEST (and most naughty) desserts you could possibly imagine. so many much dairy...but totally worth it.
i'm craving more already!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

cheers to 2011.

i brought in 2011 at a mustache party. it was awesome.
we had a great time kicking it at my friend rob's house, and we watched the ball drop at midnight with tons of people.
it was one of the best new years ever!! here's to 2011. it's going to be a fabulous year!