Thursday, January 31, 2013

because i'm so good at ranting.

i had to give an oral report on a book i just finished
for my public administration class. the book was
BACKLASH by susan faludi & ugh it was a rough read.
it made me hate government (& be so glad i changed my major)
all over again. i'll spare you the spirited rant i gave in my class & 
opt instead to tell you that i got an awesome 100 percent... i blame
it on the fact that my professor just enjoys seeing me get fired up.
i wasn't expecting a 100 after i said "there's pretty much no hope
for my gender in america."
dang you, pay gap!!!!!!!
how dare i want to be equal! i'm gonna start wearing pants to church!
just kidding, heehhe.

but really, if you don't believe me that our government sort of sucks,
check this out. i just have to laugh at it otherwise i get angry.
this & many other things.. blerg.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

43 years ago today.

january 30, 1969
the beatles made their last live appearance on the rooftop
of the apple building in london (& no, it's not the apple you're thinking of.)
this is one of my favorite songs from that show.

pretty sure y'all already know this, but i think i should have
been there. i mean, come on.
in fact, i'm sure that i was there, in some way or another.
happy wednesday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the cure for the winter blues.

some days you just have to eat sushi
(& then go buy benadryl thanks to your shellfish allergy.)
but seriously, so worth it.
luke & i are sushi nuts.. & after a weekend of car troubles,
being snowed in, stuck at home.. we just had to get out 
for some yums.
also: this helps: 

criddle's cafe is our go-to place for when we need a pick me up.
good cheap coffee, hash browns with gravy (luke skips the gravy)
speaking of bacon, i have to watch a little film on pigs & how they
are treated for a class.. my professor is trying to bring back my
vegetarianism (i tried it 2 years ago.. lived off noodles & got so sick
i passed out when i stood up. so...)
hopefully i can close my eyes.
another happy thing:
i hadn't seen blue skies in over a month until yesterday.
i'm so ready for spring. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

i laugh.

you may need to click on this to read it, but do it & laugh with me, please.
i get told this all the time, & at first i used to find it offensive.
to be honest, tina fey is kind of gross to me. (she's old!)
however, i started watching 30 rock a year ago, after luke
kept telling me i was liz lemon's "twin sister."
what do you think?

to be honest i don't see a physical resemblance, other than
we both wear glasses ;)
but now that i've watched 6 seasons of 30 rock i have to 
say i kind of agree, personality-wise at least. we're both scatterbrains 
who work in tv,
let people walk all over us & have to date a lot of awkward people to 
get to the winner.
she is so full of hilarious awkwardness, it makes me feel a little better about
being so awkward myself (perhaps that's what makes me funny??)

if you haven't watched 30 rock i highly recommend it. watch a few 
episodes & then let me know if you agree with what 50+ people tell me:
i am liz lemon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

two years.

two years ago today luke asked me out on a date.
i hadn't been on one in over 3 years, by the way.
i'd dated around.. but hadn't gone on a DATE.
we did the typical 'dinner & a movie' date,
saw "friends with benefits" (super awkward first movie to see, btw)
& ate burgers.
i immediately knew i liked him & thought "CRAP!" because i knew he
didn't want a relationship.
ha! i showed him.
two years later we're still goin' strong.
& i've even convinced him to grow a beard.

the two best years of my life, easily. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

if you want a laugh.

my friend mindy tracked down some hilarious pictures from our
days of cheerleading. i couldn't stop laughing when i saw this.
i love not making normal faces still.. but these are just ridiculous.
sometimes i miss cheer/high school.. only sometimes, though :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013


our heater has been broken for 2 days.
despite copious amounts of blankets & heating pads,
i'm pretty sure we're going to freeze to death.

living in an old house = waiting days for the right part to come.
in the meantime, if you need me i'll be under the covers.
also, side note, my poor kitty cat... she is so cooped up.
she wants to go outside so bad... & then sets one paw in the snow & is
NOT a happy camper. i think she could rival the "grumpy cat" photos
lately. poor girl. poor us, too... why isn't it spring yet!?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Organized in the New Year

-watching arrested development in the mess.

we've really put off organizing since school started back in august, because we've both been SO busy! it gets hard to keep up with a clean house when you're working 40 hours a week & spending 30 hours a week in school.

but now that it's the new year, it's time to get it together! i love the apartment therapy blog, they're always posting great organization ideas for someone with not a lot of space.. if you've seen where i live, you know that space here SUCKS! 
check out this list of tips for organizing.. i plan on using it this weekend, before school really kicks in.

Friday, January 11, 2013

quote of the week.

happy friday!!
i can't wait to sleep more than i should.
i'm also going to a u of u basketball game with my dear friend sadie for a double date! i'm so excited because her & i will get to catch up.. while our boys talk sports.
luke tries to talk sports with me & it really just.. doesn't work. unless it's soccer. i've grown to like WATCHING soccer lately.. playing? not so much.

what are your weekend plans? 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


the other day i produced fox 13's good day utah weekend edition (& worked 12 days in a row.)
we needed a last-minute interview, so i called up my good friends moudi & derek. these two  started their own middle eastern spreads company last year & sell a variety of delicious foods including hummus.
i met moudi (who is from lebanon) while going to USU a few years ago, & we've always been good friends.
they did a great job in the interview.. & brought me a care package of awesome too! i got garlic spread for cooking, muhammara & hummus.. & i'm already addicted.
if you haven't yet, try them out! they sell their products at harmons!
i highly recommend them, but be careful... they are seriously addicting.

thanks moudi & derek!

home inspiration.

my last semester of school has begun (YAY!!!) & luke & i decided that after i finish my senior seminar in the summer, we are heading out of o town to move somewhere closer to my work (commuting 88 miles a day is not my thing.) we're very sad because we love our little cottage.. but also looking forward to new opportunities. our goal is to find an adorable house, not too expensive, with a fenced in yard so nesta (& perhaps a boxer puppy) can still play outside even if we live in salt lake city (we're looking in the sugarhouse/midvale area.) i must say all this talk about change has me SERIOUSLY wanting to just leave behind all our furniture & start over on decorating. our cottage is a mess of unmatching crap, but since the house is so old & tiny it never felt right to buy new stuff for.
here's some inspiration i've been feeling lately:
i love the idea of a bright kitchen with a bright accent color.
this dresser (& the wall hanging) are to die for.
l'arc de triomphe.

hanging vintage plates or sewing patterns is a must in our new casa.
i'm so excited to start decorating.. & we still have 6 more months. ha! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

on my fridge.

makes my day every time i walk by.
we have no idea who left this here.. but i hope they know how much it brightens our kitchen. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

the flu makes me stir crazy.

i spent two hours last saturday reorganizing my bedroom.
a semester of work & school full time = my house needed a LOT of TLC.  one of the things that really needed to be done was our bookshelves. we end up just setting random papers on it, or clothes, or socks, or whatever we have laying around, & it was a mess.
i'm so glad to have it out of the way for school.. now i won't have anxiety every time i'm home (did i inherit my mother's OCD? i feel like i did..)

my favorite decoration of all.
i made it for luke last valentines day & it is a favorite round these parts.

on another note, i start my LAST SEMESTER of school today. despite the flu headaches & woozies.. i plan to attend 100% of school this semester.
i'm taking public relations media, public administration, literary genres & writing for audio & video.
then i graduate! & then i'll feel weird & naked & bored, & start applying for grad school (i'm seriously considering UNL._

Saturday, January 5, 2013

just call me arial.

so i dyed my hair maroon.
i think i look like a somewhat more rebellious little mermaid.
i really wanted a change for the new year & have been wanting to do something crazy with it.. this hit the spot.
i LOVE IT! i think i may keep it around for awhile.

& here's something random for your day.. a picture of my cat, of course.
luke's new favorite thing to do to bother her is hold onto her front paws & make her dance with them. or do "shy kitty" as seen below.
she hates it, but keeps coming back for more.

happy weekend everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

too cold.

the other day it took me a half hour to get my car into my driveway.
turns out i'm not as strong as i thought.. i got stuck & couldn't go forward or backward.. put my car in neutral & i couldn't even make it budge.
luckily my landlord (who lives next door) is doing some remodeling.. so her construction workers came over & helped me.
either way, i'm over winter. 

nesta is over it too. she whines all day long to go outside, & when we let her out, she comes crawling back to meow at the door 10 mins later. we think she thinks that if she meows enough, it will just go away.
i wish, nesta. i wish.

i can't wait for spring! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new years resolutions.

1. take more pictures
-i got a diana camera at a thrift store months ago. my goal is to get some film for that bad boy & learn how to use it. 
i also plan on using my digital camera more often than ever (don't tell luke. he hates pictures.)
2. learn to cook... for real
-i have a boyfriend who adores cooking but sometimes i can tell he gets tired of having to feed me.. but i know he thinks that if he doesn't, i will starve.
-i plan on having him teach me a few easy meals in the beginning, before i get brave enough to try something that doesn't require a crock pot (all those recipes are so easy!)
3. dress up a little more
-i'm such a jeans & a t-shirt kinda girl.. heck, i even dress like a homeless person more often than not.
-surprisingly i actually have quite a few little dresses & tights that i love..  i just hate wearing them because they're uncomfortable. but i've vowed to lose the beanies & start dressing like i'm 24 & employed. ha!
4. continue to find inner peace.
it's kind of a neverending process.. but it's a good resolution still.

what are your new years resolutions?

new year's day.

rockin' my nebraska cornhuskers pride.

i'm so very sad the huskers lost their bowl game. not that it was unexpected.. but you always hope, you know? regardless, i sported my husker gear around town to do laundry, dye my hair & more.
pics on my hair later.. when i fix it. :/ i threw my back out about halfway through doing it.. i'm an old lady & it's sad.