Tuesday, August 31, 2010

things i find hilarious.

1. people who think i care about their opinion...guess what? i don't.
2. the anti glenn beck rally. how i wish i could have been there.
3. knock knock jokes.
4. when i trip over my own feet.
5. when boys fall asleep with puppies:

example A, zeke with his good friend sariah.
she's a purebred pitbull my friend nick just bought..and we love her.

as yeasayer so awesomely puts it...

no, you don't move me anymore
and i'm glad that you don't
cuz i can't have you anymore.

but i thought you should know,
you don't move me anymore
and i'm glad that you don't
cuz i can't take it anymore.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

until next summer...

thursday was the final day of the twilight concert series...a little bit depressing. but the band was  she and him.. one of my new favorites. mostly because the girl in the band is zooey deschanel, who i have a SUPER girl crush on. she's in movies like 500 days of summer and elf. and she is absolutely beautiful [and married to ben gibbard. perfect couple.]
they put on quite the show and it was a lot of fun. i rode frontrunner down with nelson, spencer, and brynlee, and we hung out outside the park before the show began with a homeless man named g-g. or at least that's what he said his name was. i'm pretty sure he was on a lot of drugs...but he was a very sweet man. we had a blast hanging out with him, and he even picked me some flowers! so sweet.

G-G loved spencer. haha.

he likes to get people to hug trees with him.
i was fine with that.

the amazing she and him.

all pictures taken by brynlee.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my silly nephew.

my nephew today while giving his mom a checkup: "you look perfectly awful" "you are perfectly sick" "it looks like you perfectly have a cold" and the best: "you look perfectly falerdated. Do you know what that means? It means you will have water running out your legs & your feet will turn into volcanoes."

he's so crazy. hahah i love the kid. today was really actually kind of scary. my sister-in-law had an allergic reaction to the medication she was taking for pneumonia, and had to go to the ER. i went over to watch matthew and grace while her and my brother were at the hospital. i felt really bad for the both of them! but as sad as it was, i was so glad i got to spend time with my niece and nephew. they are the cutest little kids and so much fun to be around!! i love them to death.

the two of them this past summer.
and here's a video of my nice in her bouncer,
mostly because i am biased and find her to be the cutest thing ever:

farewell summer 2010.

the worst summer on record,
and yet the summer where i learned the most.
despite how hard it was, and how many changes came about... here are some of my favorite memories:

idaho falls with my favorite loganers.

getting to see my adorable family more often.

sushi parties.

lydia concert.

all the adventures at the twilight concert series.

fourth of july in provo.

afternoons playing with havok and gabbana.

trying on ugly dresses at newgate mall.

the many adventures with hannah.

the last week at the 706 house. i miss these days/people TERRIBLY.

afternoons in the hammock.

hanging at barnes with the k town crew.

the many adventures, walks, talks, and times with aaron.
this kid ended up being there for me more than anyone this summer.

zion's with gregson and hannah!! so fun.

farewell summer 2010. 
it is weird to me that for the first time since i turned 5, i am not going to be going to school this fall. it feels a little weird, but i'm excited for the break and for the chance to catch up on a lot of things.
here's to fall!

Monday, August 23, 2010

just some goodies.

jose gonzalez.

my obsession as of late... is jose gonzalez. he is so amazing. you may know him from his covers of the knife and massive attack, but his originals are my favorite.
i love his uplifting lyrics and perfect voice, basically. killing for love is my favorite as of lately. mostly  because the lyrics are absolutely amazing, and very simple:

What's the point
if you hate, die and kill for love.
What's the point with a love that
makes you hate and kill for.

You've got a heart on fire,
it's bursting with desires.

You've got a heart filled with passion.
Will you let it burn for hate or compassion?

this summer a lot of things happened to me that i felt mostly had a negative influence on my life, my outlook on life. i became a pessimist, rather than the optimist i used to be. but this song as well as others, has helped me realize that i need to find that optimism again. because really, it is exhausting spending all my time feeling hate, bitterness, and anxiety. and really..
what's the point??

Sunday, August 22, 2010


you just gotta dance.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


lydia is one of my favorite bands. lucky for me i got to see them live yesterday at in the venue in salt lake city. i went with scott, aaron, krystal, chelsea, lexy, and ally, and met some new people while i was there.
it was amazing, to say the least.
emme packer opened.

i was a bit depressed to find that mindy white wasn't touring with them...at first i almost thought it was going to ruin the concert! but they blew my mind. they are one of the most talented bands around! check out my favorites here and here.

scott and i at the show...pretty excited at this point!
hope your weekend was fabulous. even if you missed out big time by not seeing lydia!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

she's back.

nesta is joining me on my next adventures in davis county.
and i couldn't be more thrilled, because i missed her terribly.

she's easily my best friend.