Tuesday, February 26, 2013


i've had a super bad attitude lately, & i think i may have finally come to terms with WHAT is causing my negativity.
everyone knows how addicting social media can be, especially facebook, & i've realized in the past few months it somewhat consumes my life.
the other day i was walking to school with my nose in my phone, & something someone posted ticked me off, like it tends to happen every day.
i looked up & realized there were blue skies out.. & it was a beautiful day. but i'd hardly realized that because i was so consumed in what was going on online.

so with that i've decided to take a much needed sabbatical from facebook.
i'm sure i'll be back... it's so addicting, you know. but for now i'm just sticking to school, work, sleeping & hanging out with luke.
you can still find me on twitter cuz i have to have it for my job: @laurgardner13
you can also find me on instagram: @laurgardner because i'm still way too addicted to that to give it up.
but i'm hoping the lack of facebook in my life will bring about a more positive attitude.

i have to say so far it's been mostly funny. people think deleting your facebook is some "cry for help" or something. i've gotten several text messages along the lines of: "lauren! your facebook is gone! are you ok?" or "noticed you nixed your facebook. just wanted to check in with you."
i giggled so much! it really is crazy how much social media is used to measure other's behaviors. like, deleting someone off your list is the ultimate middle finger to your relationship.. & corny vague statuses are all you use to describe your life.
giggle, giggle, giggle.

i'll keep you posted on how my much needed "sabbatical" goes.
i do miss photos of my family, so hey family! if you're ever bored, you could always send me some picture messages :) or we can facetime! i am all about that form of technology, especially with my brothers living so far away.

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  1. I did that as well. It was hard at first but I vowed a month off to break my habit. At the same time I did that, I vowed to lose weight and change my life more positively in other ways. 20 pounds later, I'm still not posting hardly anything on facebook and hardly commenting on anyone status (and not noticiing that you were off, because I hardly get on!). Enjoy your vacation!