Wednesday, February 27, 2013


what's another foot of snow anyway??

i swear utah has never had a winter like this! it makes me wish i was still good at snowboarding so i could actually go take advantage of the fluffy stuff.
still, we're trying to have a positive attitude round these parts.
i can't help but chuckle every time it snows cuz i think of the first time it snowed when luke & i lived together. 
we went outside to see it & i slowly grabbed a handful of snow & packed it up into a huge snowball. i threw it full force, aiming for his legs, so of course i hit him right in the side of the face (my aim is about as good as my math skills).
to this day he still makes fun of me & how evil i was.. it got in his ears & down his shirt.. of course right after hit him i screamed "OH MY I'M SO SORRY!" but then i laughed so of course he didn't believe me.
as if he needed any more proof that i am NOT a sporty person. ;)
he got revenge later when he made us do donuts in my car in a church parking lot.
i screamed then, too.

we're slowly counting down the days until spring.
we usually bring spring in pretty hardcore round these parts, by celebrating this & this. super excited for holi 2013! 

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